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Crafted Conversations

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A Podcast Discussion

Surrounded by a vast array of craft producers and products, we, Peter Mills and Topher Hartfield, have taken on the journey of exploring as many of them as possible. With appreciation for all things craft from beer, spirits, and wine to coffee, the modern day bartender, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs in general, the opportunities for a crafted conversation are never ending.

With a thirst for knowledge, and a taste for a well crafted libation, we have set off on a journey to seek out, converse with and share the passion behind the people and products we’ve grown to admire.

After spending the past year or so bouncing around to different bars, distilleries, coffee houses, bakeries, breweries and many more excellent locations throughout Colorado, we constantly found ourselves closing the night off with a few cocktails and talking with the people behind them. The inspiration for “Crafted Conversations” was happening and we didn’t even know it. Not necessarily driven by only booze, we admit, these great conversations may have been heavily influenced by┬áthem.

After realizing the passion behind our favorite bartenders, movers and shakers we started to realize the most entertaining aspect was the story behind their stories; and we found there were many more out there. We started to recognize their journeys of discovery, the development of passion, the endless self study and the eagerness to share. We quickly grew to appreciate the way each individual took their knowledge and effort to a new level and changed our perceptions and opened our eyes, as well as others. Most importantly,we fell in love with all the different ways each person inspired us.

Discovering people’s passions became more of a game for us. Once we got someone to open up we worked to get every bit of story out of them. To see their eyes glaze over in admiration of their craft became as rewarding an experience as we could ever ask for. The harmless start of conversations turned into a thirst to experience and learn more on our part. The best of these passionate individuals drove us to delve deeper and return frequently. Our conversations lasted more than just a few minutes or hours, we constantly found ourselves “studying up” on our spare time and returning to visit our new found friends to share more stories and swap ideas.

In the end we have found the best conversations are the ones that keep going; the ones that make you keep thinking even when the conversation is over. As a tribute to this we bring you Crafted Conversations. Our vehicle for sharing these experiences with you and digging deeper into
the wonderfully passionate crafts-people who surround us on a daily basis. If nothing more than a great conversation, we hope to spread to you our love of all things craft.


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