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What is Homesteading? Better yet, what the hell is Permaculture? Imagine turning your grassy spaces into lush vegetable gardens which reduce the amount of water used and provide you with a fresh goods and a cut off your grocery bill. Throw in some chickens and you’ve got yourself a sustainable mini-farm. In essence, it’s a touch of terraforming that can provide you with not only an excellent hobby outdoors, but also provide you with a bit of self sustainability. Imagine fresh miniature orchards in your front yard and delicious unadulterated vegetables in your back yard. Rather than wasting water on grass that has no purpose you’ve developed a skill that you can share with others and pass on to your kids. Not only that, but how about growing your own hops and herbs for your homebrewing?

Heck yeah! Jared Gatti has become a successful homesteader and award winning home brewer in the past couple of years and shares a bit of his story. As a good friend of ours we have a couple of beers and discuss his view on Homesteading as well as where he derives his resources and knowledge. We show you the forward thinking he’s developed toward transforming his gardens and quarter-acre plot of land into seasonal treasures he and his wife both tend to. We also take a look at his recent success at amateur home brewing and where his inspiration originated from. He provides you with a few resources to get you started and talks about his take on brewing and thoughts on previous competitions.

Pack up a picnic kiddies, because this podcast is only the beginning of several we’ll have with Mr. Gatti in the realms of successful home brewing, homesteading, business recruiting / HR, and marriage.

Jared Gatti

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