007 – Tequila y Mezcal y Mas, Que Bueno!

Download Subscribe The winter is upon us, the season is brisk, and what better to warm the toes and soul then with a dram of whiskey tequila? With stories from Peter’s trip to Mexico and his love for the Blue Agave Goddess, we’ve packed this little puppy with some knowledge on tequila and some tasting. […]

006 – Holidaze or Jingle these bells

Download Subscribe The Holiday Season is over and done with and the holiday cheer has been tossed out with the shedding Christmas tree…Or has it? In this episode we dive into some random holiday influenced beers and swap childhood stories that you never knew you knew, but may have heard. We kick around some thoughts […]

005 – Howbrewing, Homesteading, & Permaculture with Jared Gatti

Download Subscribe What is Homesteading? Better yet, what the hell is Permaculture? Imagine turning your grassy spaces into lush vegetable gardens which reduce the amount of water used and provide you with a fresh goods and a cut off your grocery bill. Throw in some chickens and you’ve got yourself a sustainable mini-farm. In essence, […]

004 – Party in the Pumpkin Patch

Download Subscribe We bring in brew-guru (brew-ru?) Jared Gatti to chat about some Pumpkin beers and pumpkin history. We alliterate the crap out of the letter ‘P’ and provide plenty of positive palate pleasing descriptions and stories in this pumpkin loaded podcast. We review three beers and chat about pumpkin prominence in American culture. We […]

003 – Gintroduction

Download Subscribe In our Gintroduction Episode we discuss origins, some delicious cocktails, a couple of excellent Colorado DistilledGins and Peter takes his pants off; what more could you possible want? For the most part we revel on our enjoyment of gin and discuss bits and pieces. Not wanting to spoil any knowledge gems some of […]

002 – A Drink Named “Vengeance”

Download Subscribe Podcast 002 and of course we’re up to some bourbon drinking antics this time around. We’ve spent the evening discussing classic cocktails and sampling some of the best bartenders in Colorado’s mixing up of their interpretation of a variation of a drink named “Vengeance” in Breckenridge Distillery’s mixology competition. 14 variations to be […]

001 – BETA?

Download Subscribe Here it is, our Intro Episode 001, BETA? of Crafted Conversations. Hooray! We’re delivering you our weekly adventures and conversations as we peruse our local craft scene and divulge in some imported items and experiences from around the world. As we trade stories and dig up the origins and tidbits of curious information […]